All These Features and More When You Sign Up
Wholesale Storefront
Self-serve store (powered by Shopify) info
Collect payment details at checkout
List your products at wholesale prices
Collect requested ship date at checkout
Option to charge customers at checkout or at ship time
Secure payments (powered by Stripe) info
Password-protect your store
Use Shopify app store plug-ins for your wholesale store
Manage Products
Update products on both stores with a single interface
Set retail and wholesale prices
Download and manage CSVs for bulk operations
Set retail and wholesale policies (visibility, tax rates)
Sync inventory and product images across stores
Quick search by SKU, tag, name, and description
Quickly adjust inventory by variants
One-click product catalog and collection imports
Process Orders
Charge customers at ship time or on terms
Edit line items and quantities for pending orders
Add custom shipping charges
One-click payment method request and reminder emails
Add discounts by dollar or percentage amount
One-click invoice creation and emails
Sort orders by ship date and status
Use Shopify fulfillment vendors to simplify workflow